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måndag 16 november 2009


I know I have not been blogging for quite a while now but the truth is I've ben to lazy! Yes that's another part of me lazyness:P The past weeks I'v been living life like usual. However, I'm dissapointed with myself for not reconnecting with my religious self.I don't know why but it has not been so good latley, mabe I've had too much to do. I know its a bad excuse but I don't know how to explain my behaviour.I hope ALLAH will give me the strength to contioue on his great path.. Moving on to my boring day ,  today was a nice but tough day . I went to work came home prayed made food and went up to get my baby dose ( my nephew haidar). I can't survive without a baby dose a day haha I know it sound crazy but that's just me. Now Im still sitting at my sister's and is almost gonna drop dead , that's how tired I am. So yea this was my wohoo day hope u guyz had it more intresting !
Princess (that's MOI)

3 kommentarer:

  1. so cute baby,believe me you had a more interesting boring day than mine hehehe
    i have three reports to submit in the end of the week !so i think my life is more boring than your.

  2. Poor you, you have so much to do, well atleast you're going to watch new moon :D Hopefully you'll gain your possitive energi back :D

  3. umzahra I wish you good luck but u have a baby dose all the time so ur life should not be boring at all

    Teta ya u bailed out on me :S well Im gonna hAVE FUN . iM WAITING FOR MY RIDE RIGHT NOW SEE YA ALL