Look For Whateva

söndag 31 januari 2010

Dislike List nr 1

I've been lazy the whole weekend , moslty resting and doing nothing , except for going to Torp today my wonderful sister made food too:D.Gosh I hate shopping with men!! Like my dad, husband and two brothers went along, the problem wasn't having them with me , it was that they called me over and over nagging : When do u finish... Yea , They  also gave me  a time limit for shopping only 1 hour!!!! Dislike list nr 1) Shopping with Men  So bye for now, tomorrow I have class , I really don't feel like going but I have to:S .

torsdag 28 januari 2010

Seize The Moment

I know I'm not the best blogger and to tell u the truth I never will be ;) But after a request on my blog I decided to get back in the game. The main reason for not writing is because I've felt so bad for the people who died in the plane crash in Lebanon , may they rest in peace. It struck me that this kind of accident could happen anytinme anywhere. You never know if your next to leave this planet, its important so seize the moment and always try to be positive.
Moving on to a next tpoic Teta was just here , Omg she's the best ever she just stopped by to bring me chocolate and "päronsoda" yaay. I love this girl she is not just a friend she's family :) Im really gonna miss her when she leaves for Lebanon, but they say if you Love someone u want to see them happy ....
Besides that my day was quite good, tv wating, praying ordinary day except for cleaning in the middle of the night Now I wanna eat and go see my sister actually i wanna see pistik and his new haircut love my babydosee mwaaa

tisdag 19 januari 2010

How To Make A Semla

Have had an eventul day. This morning Nana and I went to our old school to talk about being a muslim woman in Sweden. I was not so nervous but it felt weird at first. After a while it was actually fun and the students engaged in the conversation, they were really open minded which is always a plus if your going to talk about religion :)
Anyways, the school brough back old memories: I remebred sitting there drinking tea when I was supposed to study math.  Ahh those were the days :)
After the presentation, Nana and I went for a mini shopping tour, we ended up at Maxi having a "semla" and a Pepsi, then the weirdest thing happend . An elderly Swedish man next to us started to giving me advice on how to make a "semla"  Our conversation with him looked something like this ( In swedish though):
-You know you could do these at home, that way you can make them less messy
( Him explaing how to make them, me and nana trying not to laugh)
-Thx for the advice I might try
Nana and I return to our fika and keep babbling in arabic and Swedish, when we are about to leave the man says: I was eavesdropping the whole time (gives out a giggle). So we say aa you understand arabic?                     He's like Nop. Weird haaa? But still, those moments can make your day
So to sum up my day: It was AWSOME:P

fredag 15 januari 2010

Fail who me?? Naaah

Michel Jordan once said : There was never any fear for me, no fear of failure. If I miss a shot, so what?
If you havent figured it out yet : I did not do so well on my test , but I'm not disappointed, I saw it coming . Well I'll do better next time. Right now I'm watching CSI kind of boring when u've seen almost every episode, but still. Today I was at my VfU-placment, I taught Frensh , I hardly even remember any Frensh but I manged anyways :)On Tuesday I'm supposed to visit my old School to talk about how it is to be a Muslim Woman in Sweden , right now I don't feel like doing it, I was to shy to say no to my old teacher, I curse my politness... A positive thing is that Nana might come too :) 

So a couple of days ago Teta and I went shopping, we were at Överby for almost 5 hours, I think my hubby forgot to get us :P My daddy had to get us instead , I got presents for myt family in Leba non , I love to give away presents it's almost more fun than getting a present ( guyz I said almost OKAY;)
Now I'm gonna go see if my baby dose( pistik:P) is still awake
Ba bye for now

måndag 11 januari 2010

Wing IT till YOu Bring it

Does not feel so motivated about having an opposition tomorrow, especially after this failure today. I wasn't even going to attend the test today, when I came home yesterday( from Emma's) I read through my notes and decides to "wing it" today. Yea for ur information grammar CAN NOT be winged :S Well well there is a retake I geuss. When I came home I wanted to get my mind off things so I went to my dad's for breakfast, after that I met up wth Sah in town to do some shopping, Nana came a bit later. It was aswome being with them again they are hilarious and get my stupid jokes which is almost impossible :P When I finally got home I was so tired I just ate, prayed and went to sleep a couple of hours later ( more specific 5 h:P) I woke up and VOILA here I am:P

lördag 9 januari 2010

Living my Fanatsy

a few days ago Em and Irsi was here , we watched The Hangover it was great besides from a couple of scenes which I did not like. But I liked the company:)
After the hard work on the VFu-report yesterday I deiced to reward my self with a shopping tour at TORP. After praying and eating I went to my sisters .We all (My sister her kids and husband) left for TORP, Like real shopoholics we strolled through the shops. I was so happy to see the sales yaay, I bough loads of stuff several dresses and a pyjamas which is sooo comfortable. We had a great time until i came hime and realized that I should have been studing instead for my grammar test on monday, well to tell ya the truth I dont get it and 2 days of studing wont help me :S. Wútever, I gave up on that a long time ago.Right now I am babysitting my newphews by sitting by my laptop hahah . Haydar is trying to eat playdough and Ali rida is watcing a show called Ed, Ed and Eddy :P. No really I should go and try to make them sleep ( if not for thier sake for mine:P) See ya laterzzz

onsdag 6 januari 2010

Shopping All Day Long!!!!!

Yesterday was awsome, Teta, Mirjo, Mon and I went shopping. Oh I had almost forgotten how much I love shopping:P:P No but it was nice to laugh and run after the sales hehe I love sales! Like seriously why get a thing for 500 kr when one month later you can get it for 100 ?????
And its not just about the money its that it feels good like u have acomplished something hahha . After 6 hours of shopping we went home , it was dark by then. So I was too tired to work on my report instead I watched Tv and went to sleep at 03.00 am great day huh
Now I'm sitting here and waiting for Maya, its gonna be nice to meet her again.  I really need to clean the house, but as usual Im  too lazy :PLater Örsi and Em are coming over for a movienight yaay. Tell you about the movie later.
See ya !

måndag 4 januari 2010

BAck to Reality

Should actually be studing but gave up on that idea, msn is more fun. The presentation and test today was quite easy, I'm just glad its over one less thing to do. When I got home I was so tired , I prayed and fell almostt asleep on my prayingcarpet haha. Forgetting that I had promised em to come over I took it easy and relaxed, after all I'm still sick. ,I hate this freaking weather I like the apperance of snow but I dont like what it does to me yuukh. Dad was here to it was awsome , he is so funny sometimes, we all went to the store to get some "fika" haha but I couldnt choose anything so I ended up with cinnamon buns, well shouldnt complain better than nothing besides I cant feel the tase anyways. Now I am at home alone my hubby went to a friend and Im to lazy to go up to my sisters so I'll watch something and go to sleep See u tomorrow

söndag 3 januari 2010

Tell the Voices I'm on My way

Have you ever feelt like your in a labyrinth which never seems to have an ending? Well if you have welcome to my everyday LIFE. As if it could'nt get worse!! Not only do I have a presentation tomorrow ( which I don't have clue about) I also have a test yippiiiiiiii NOT. Anyway we'll se how that goes. I feel like I am sick all the time, this flue is  very stubborn .A positive thing was that I managed to clean the house and do food, yummi I did mbakbake its a weird name for a dish but is abolutley gr8 :D. I spent the afternoon babysitting my newphews as usual, I was in a bad mood poor children probably wondered why thier aunty was so mean!!  don't know why I feel like I'm angry all the time, maybe I just need to get out or go SHOPPING that always helps. Yea but no time for that I have 2 VFU reports, 2 tests and a presentation u wish u were in my shoes rigt;)  Now I must rehearse for my stupid presentaion
Good Night Ya all!