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söndag 3 januari 2010

Tell the Voices I'm on My way

Have you ever feelt like your in a labyrinth which never seems to have an ending? Well if you have welcome to my everyday LIFE. As if it could'nt get worse!! Not only do I have a presentation tomorrow ( which I don't have clue about) I also have a test yippiiiiiiii NOT. Anyway we'll se how that goes. I feel like I am sick all the time, this flue is  very stubborn .A positive thing was that I managed to clean the house and do food, yummi I did mbakbake its a weird name for a dish but is abolutley gr8 :D. I spent the afternoon babysitting my newphews as usual, I was in a bad mood poor children probably wondered why thier aunty was so mean!!  don't know why I feel like I'm angry all the time, maybe I just need to get out or go SHOPPING that always helps. Yea but no time for that I have 2 VFU reports, 2 tests and a presentation u wish u were in my shoes rigt;)  Now I must rehearse for my stupid presentaion
Good Night Ya all!

2 kommentarer:

  1. salam
    tack för att du satt med ungarna :) men shopping du sa ju att vi skulle gå på tisdag vi har redan planerat det ,har du ändrat dig?