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måndag 30 november 2009

Day 1 at my VFU- one step closer to Christmas Break !

This was my first day at my VFU. I really like my VFU-place just because it's so close to home. And I know most of the kids so that's great. The day was okay, but i get so tired when I get home. Maybe it's because I'm used to silence and my VFUschool is everything but silent. Kids running around, nagging, arguing well it's like any other high school in  the world. When I came home I was so exhausted so I just ate and went to bed. My hubby was at my dad's as usual :P. When I woke and I was hungry well not really hungry just in a mood for something sweet so I forced him to take me to Willy's to get something sweet:D.
Now to something else, latley a few people have entred my life and I don't know hów to feel about that ´, I mean it's so hard to trust new people . My policy is it takes one whole year to see if they are firiend material . And sometimes even your closest friends betray you. How should u do and whom should u trust? My mum used to tell me never to give away all my secrets to anyone( except for her ofcourse hahha she said). To some extent that's true never give away information that could backfire, but I believe that u can test ur friends. Tell them a secret and see if they can keep it. If they can they are probably good friends.
Well I hope i did not bore u with my friendship "speach" :p Now I'm sitting at my sister's , my husband and sister's husband are talking amd making me unable to write and think ( Like sooo disturbing) :P
Now I'm gonna see what my sister has in her frigde :P hope its something good
See you all!

söndag 29 november 2009

Stuffed Zucchini lovely!!!

I woke up like a crazy peson today, my hubby told me that the clock was 2 when it was only 10. When I asked him why he did that he just laughed and said : I told you it was 14.00 minus 4 hours . Not so fun for me though. The rest of the day consised of cleaning the house and washing the dishes. The house looked like a mess I'm glad none saw that:P:P But now it looks excellent so ur welcome to check:P
I aslo made food , I did "Kousa ", its a Lebanese dish, its zucchini stuffed with meat and rice . I forgot how to do it soI called my mother in law to ask her how. Oh boy she had a good laugh but then she told me . It turned out excellent hihih. Teta came by but she was not so happy to hear that I was doing this dish. Well teta its lovely u should taste! If you wanna know how to prepare this dish you can go http://homemade-recipes.blogspot.com/2007_06_01_archive.html  I was stupid enough to forget that u can get recipes online duuuuuh. Tomorrow my VFU begins and I'm not that thrilled , I hate thinking about the fact that I have to get up early EVERY day now, when I have univeristy I get 3 days off which I love. Well I should not complain I'm very lucky since my VFU place is very close to my house.
Now I'm just sitting alone watching Alexander the great on tv. My hubby is not here so I have the whole house to my self hihihi.
Anyways I'm gonna grab an ice-cream and continue watching the film . Have a great evening

lördag 28 november 2009

It's Finally Eid!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Eid or as we say "Eid Mubarak"to everyone . A speical Eid Mubarak to my friends and family who are living abroad. May Allah bless you all. When I think of Eid I remember my childhood. Back then, Eid for me was the happiest day, it was a day when we got presents and we could stay up until midnight ( that's woow in our family:P). The last couple of years I've felt that Eid or any feast day for that matter have not been so crucial. It's a day like any other day, but today was different. Today I really felt that it was Eid, maybe because I dressed up and we had a family gathering at my dad's. We were all there including teta who's an important part of my family.

Another important aspect of my day was that I finally did the Language History test. I finsihed first, like the exam started at 9.15 and I finsihed at 10.00  I hope that's a good sign:S :S. Afterwards we  all went out and talked , it was nice to talk about something besides the test :D
Well now Im really tired cause I did not sleep so well yestedy so I ought to rest ;) And again my friends Happy Eid to everyone without any exeptions :D

PS: If you wanna know more about Eid and Hajj you can visit this great site http://islamportalen.se/hajj/ ( it's in Swedish though)

fredag 27 november 2009


The day consisted of a number great stuff. I had two lessons ( not so great) but I was glad that our teacher could sort some stuff out for the upcoming test tomorrow. After school me and my friends went to Coffehouse for a swedish ""fika". For those of u who dont know what fika means here is the proper explanation: "Coffe break" ( according to Nordsteds Dictionary.) Sweds are just crazy about their fika and if I must admit I'm crossing over to that side hhihihiih. Well, that might be due to the fact that we seem to be having a lot of fikas these days, but that's just great:D We did not stay for long because as u know I have a freaking test tomorrow which by the way I have to study for:Paaaaaaaaaaaah
When I came home I went up to my sister to get my baby dose ( my baby dose has grown big and he is not a a baby anymore, still cute though :**)Then I ate and slept I was to tired to study and then teta came and woke me up arggg (kidding). We had a great time I love when teta's here she an awsome friend. She even helped me study:P Well we mostly laughed but anyways. Today or tomorrow is Eid I'm not sure actually, but for u who celebrated eid today EID MUBARAK, I hope u had a great day.Now the clock is about 23.15 and I have to  to study some more on Language History. Hopfully I will  be able to squeeze in the information:p if not well bad things happen
Now I'm Out gotta read and read :p

torsdag 26 november 2009

Resting but to what Cost?

Today was the first day I could  "rest", I decided not to do anything maybe a bad call since I have a test in two days but well I could not focus. Language History is just to much right now, I even had a bad dream about it can It get worse:S yuuuk. I dreamt that I was doing the test and I did not know how to answer:S:S I'm thinking about the test even when I am supposed to be resting :S:S:S:
 Well a good thing today was that I went shopping yaaay;)  I got a lovley jacket. However, The highlight of my day was probably when  talked to my mother and sister in Lebanon through Skype, I love skype, what's not to love, free video and phonecalls :P I miss them so much I misss my life there. Sometime it seems like I wanna leave everything here and go back. Go back to my neighborhood, back to my house just to go back.  I don't know why I'm so attatched to that lifestyle , maybe because there is always action there ur always doing something. Here it seems like you're watching you're life SLOWLY passing infront of you . One thing that helps me through this depressing life:P is the presence of my family and friends .
Right now my Dad is here with my brothers its always nice with company, they're watching a boring tv-show but I'm just glad to have someone here so I wont study hahahah. Teta tried to force me into studing today but no I can't do it well I'll be sorry tomorrow. Now I have to go , I start at 9 tomorrow because I have an appointment at the University.
See you all ;)

onsdag 25 november 2009

WHYYYY ?????????

I turn and puff, with bloodshot eyes I look up at the ceiling. Am I supposed to be doing this again??? When will this end!!! If you thought I was a vampire you were wrong I'm just having insomnia problems. I can't beleive I'm doing this to myself again! I'm enetring a bad circle again, a circle without strucure or form. Yesterday, I coul'nt go to sleep, I was sleepless :S I tried really hard , I thought about relaxing things,  about not to overthink stuff but nothing seemed to work. I had a similar problem 3 years ago but that lasted almost a month, I hope it does not happen this time. To make things worse , when I finally managed to sleep my phone rang  at 8.00 It was  from my "workplace", they wanted me to be at work at 8.20 hehhe imagine how stressful thaat was!!! The day there was Ok , kids running all over the place as usual . Geuss which Subject I had? Did you geuss hahah If u know me well you'll never beleive it. I HAD MATH!! God I hate math, I don't know why I said yes to that:p well I gess it was OK. Like any other class I've had.
Anways I came home around 12.00 and ate and went to bed again, I was very glad to sleep for almost 2 hours without any disturbance My hubby was at school :P:P( I needed that I can tell ya) . 
Right now I'm watching tv and chatting ( as usual) ; I should be studying but I don't know why I am not. Maybe I just like to suffer and feel the pain of studying the day before hahhaha, I'm laughing now but I'll be crying on friday :S ;S
Finally, If you know a good tip that can help me sleep fast , don't hesitate to tell me
Love ya!!

tisdag 24 november 2009

Confused :S :S

Today was a tough day. Well not so much but still. First I had Didactics ( usggghh) and then Translation. Translation is kind of ok I think , we laugh a lot during that session that's probably why:P
Then I went to my Daddy, he was not at home :S. But my lovley brothers were , we made food, chicken and rice yummyyyyyyyyyyyy:P . Then I watched Tv which was kind of boring. I actually had  a lot to do but now that I think about it , my day was boring:P hahah no but the highlight of my day was probably when my hubby took me to get ICE Cream. ( that's just sad hahah) And seeing teta ofcourse :*
One thing that's annoying me is my next subject. I'm going to become an English teacher ( it might not show on my writing here but still:P) and I have to choose a second subject, I'm thinking about taking Swedish as a Second Language but today I found out that it takes almost 2 years to complete that course:S So now I'm stuck with psychology. I hope I get a job when I finish my education:S
well enough about my problems I have to "study now"

måndag 23 november 2009

Amazing Coco!!!!!!!!!

Today I had a really good day . I woke up at 11 and had breakfast alone. My hubby was off to Stockholm to do some buisiness :S I miss him. Anyways . Next, I went to my univeristy to return a bok to Örsi. I was glad to find both Em and Örsi "studying". It was great meeting them ;) . And to make my day even better, teta showed up and we all decided to head for CoffeHouse There,. I had a great coco , usually I don't like the coco they have but this time  it was amazing, maybe due to the go company  I'm very blessed to have good friends in my life , they make the hard days seem lighter;). Later teta and I went windowshopping :S which is very sad for a shopohlic like myself. I love to shop not to WATCH amazing valuables:P!!
Anhooo:P ( this one is for u em:P), now im siting at my sisters while her son haidar seems to have a sugar rush:P Masha2alla he has loads of enegry , running around like crazy:P
Well this was my day, now Im hugry and tired and I want to spend some quality time with my lovley family and sister TETA


söndag 22 november 2009

A Love Story

Woow I cant't beleive it , this is my second contribution today!. Well the truth is  a lot of you guyz have asked me about the movie I saw so I though I would tell u about it. Well Friday night I was off to Vänersborg with Irsa, Emma and Jenny to se the movie NEW MOON. I though it was  good waaaaaay better than the first one. For those of you who have not seen Twilight you should see it to understand the plot. Maybe to many "making out scenes" in NEw MOON but besides that it was  entertaining... Although they had taken away some chapters from the book, it remained welldone. Nontheless, it was a great experience but i wish teta was with me but she bailed on Me .
Well if u wanna know more u gotta PAY and go see it yourself no more insider secrets from me :P

The World Against YoU???

Have you ever felt that the whole world is against you? That you're ready to give up? I'm sure most of us have had this sad feeling. A feeling that nearly takes over your everyday life, that not only destroys you but also the people close to you. I must admit I had this feeling a couple of days ago. I was off to see the film New Moon ( it was awsome by the way) but somehow it did not feel right. I felt like I did not want to see anyone, almost like I did not deserve to have fun.Now that I think about it it feels kind of silly and  Alhamdulliah this feelings took off due to friends and family. But the main reason that I felt better was that I thought about how small my problems were comparing to others. Surley, my problems can not be compared to my Imam's who lost his whole family, friends and in the end was a martyr himself .Or if I think about God's greatness I shall not remember my prblems. So the next time you're in trouble look up to the sky and consider the greatness.

måndag 16 november 2009


I know I have not been blogging for quite a while now but the truth is I've ben to lazy! Yes that's another part of me lazyness:P The past weeks I'v been living life like usual. However, I'm dissapointed with myself for not reconnecting with my religious self.I don't know why but it has not been so good latley, mabe I've had too much to do. I know its a bad excuse but I don't know how to explain my behaviour.I hope ALLAH will give me the strength to contioue on his great path.. Moving on to my boring day ,  today was a nice but tough day . I went to work came home prayed made food and went up to get my baby dose ( my nephew haidar). I can't survive without a baby dose a day haha I know it sound crazy but that's just me. Now Im still sitting at my sister's and is almost gonna drop dead , that's how tired I am. So yea this was my wohoo day hope u guyz had it more intresting !
Princess (that's MOI)