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måndag 30 november 2009

Day 1 at my VFU- one step closer to Christmas Break !

This was my first day at my VFU. I really like my VFU-place just because it's so close to home. And I know most of the kids so that's great. The day was okay, but i get so tired when I get home. Maybe it's because I'm used to silence and my VFUschool is everything but silent. Kids running around, nagging, arguing well it's like any other high school in  the world. When I came home I was so exhausted so I just ate and went to bed. My hubby was at my dad's as usual :P. When I woke and I was hungry well not really hungry just in a mood for something sweet so I forced him to take me to Willy's to get something sweet:D.
Now to something else, latley a few people have entred my life and I don't know hów to feel about that ´, I mean it's so hard to trust new people . My policy is it takes one whole year to see if they are firiend material . And sometimes even your closest friends betray you. How should u do and whom should u trust? My mum used to tell me never to give away all my secrets to anyone( except for her ofcourse hahha she said). To some extent that's true never give away information that could backfire, but I believe that u can test ur friends. Tell them a secret and see if they can keep it. If they can they are probably good friends.
Well I hope i did not bore u with my friendship "speach" :p Now I'm sitting at my sister's , my husband and sister's husband are talking amd making me unable to write and think ( Like sooo disturbing) :P
Now I'm gonna see what my sister has in her frigde :P hope its something good
See you all!

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  1. The thing is that friends sometime doesn't get that telling them a secret means that noone else should know of it. It doesn't really mean that they arn't good friends just that their stupid in a way. Anyway don't give ur secrets away unless you KNOW not think but really know that a person can be trusted... and if you're not sure, then don't even take that risk!

  2. Teta ur right, I'm glad I can tell YOU anything or can I??:P