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onsdag 25 november 2009

WHYYYY ?????????

I turn and puff, with bloodshot eyes I look up at the ceiling. Am I supposed to be doing this again??? When will this end!!! If you thought I was a vampire you were wrong I'm just having insomnia problems. I can't beleive I'm doing this to myself again! I'm enetring a bad circle again, a circle without strucure or form. Yesterday, I coul'nt go to sleep, I was sleepless :S I tried really hard , I thought about relaxing things,  about not to overthink stuff but nothing seemed to work. I had a similar problem 3 years ago but that lasted almost a month, I hope it does not happen this time. To make things worse , when I finally managed to sleep my phone rang  at 8.00 It was  from my "workplace", they wanted me to be at work at 8.20 hehhe imagine how stressful thaat was!!! The day there was Ok , kids running all over the place as usual . Geuss which Subject I had? Did you geuss hahah If u know me well you'll never beleive it. I HAD MATH!! God I hate math, I don't know why I said yes to that:p well I gess it was OK. Like any other class I've had.
Anways I came home around 12.00 and ate and went to bed again, I was very glad to sleep for almost 2 hours without any disturbance My hubby was at school :P:P( I needed that I can tell ya) . 
Right now I'm watching tv and chatting ( as usual) ; I should be studying but I don't know why I am not. Maybe I just like to suffer and feel the pain of studying the day before hahhaha, I'm laughing now but I'll be crying on friday :S ;S
Finally, If you know a good tip that can help me sleep fast , don't hesitate to tell me
Love ya!!

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  1. Omg that's horrible, I had that problem lasted for... well lets not go into details anyhow try thinking yourself to sleep. Like make up a story and you'll be snoring before you know it :)

  2. salam
    vet du vad du kan göra ät sallad och ost man blir trött av det och läs sedan några koranverser för att det får en att må bättre, inhallah det kommer att hjälpa och sluta tänka mycket som jag gör till sist kommer du bli som mig beroende av natten mouhahah.:P

  3. I will try both suggestions see which one works:D