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torsdag 26 november 2009

Resting but to what Cost?

Today was the first day I could  "rest", I decided not to do anything maybe a bad call since I have a test in two days but well I could not focus. Language History is just to much right now, I even had a bad dream about it can It get worse:S yuuuk. I dreamt that I was doing the test and I did not know how to answer:S:S I'm thinking about the test even when I am supposed to be resting :S:S:S:
 Well a good thing today was that I went shopping yaaay;)  I got a lovley jacket. However, The highlight of my day was probably when  talked to my mother and sister in Lebanon through Skype, I love skype, what's not to love, free video and phonecalls :P I miss them so much I misss my life there. Sometime it seems like I wanna leave everything here and go back. Go back to my neighborhood, back to my house just to go back.  I don't know why I'm so attatched to that lifestyle , maybe because there is always action there ur always doing something. Here it seems like you're watching you're life SLOWLY passing infront of you . One thing that helps me through this depressing life:P is the presence of my family and friends .
Right now my Dad is here with my brothers its always nice with company, they're watching a boring tv-show but I'm just glad to have someone here so I wont study hahahah. Teta tried to force me into studing today but no I can't do it well I'll be sorry tomorrow. Now I have to go , I start at 9 tomorrow because I have an appointment at the University.
See you all ;)

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