Look For Whateva

fredag 26 mars 2010

Nice moments

Sitting right now at my dad's,  its quite nice :) Teta left for Lebanon 2 days ago I wanna go toooooooooo! No but inshala she will have an awsome time. I have two month left inshalla and I will see my mum :) I've just started my last course for this term which feel ok, I just want to get it over with cause I really need a break .
Latley I've become a real clean freak I don't know why but like everything else it will pass hahah., Yea that's my news for now , gotta go back and try to be social ;)

tisdag 16 mars 2010

I'm still alive!

Good evening  my lovley readers , I'm not sure I have any left since I have'nt been blogging for quite a while now. Well I've been taking a course called Growing Up and Living Conditions in a Sustainable Society, it's intresting but hard at the same time well it's over now I turned in my report a couple of days ago. Besides that I've been working every Monday and Tuseday so that's why I've been away:) I also went to Gothenburg to meet some friends from upper secondary school, can't wait to meet them again :D Today was a good day , went to work then I visited my dad and brothers which was fun, we made chicken with frensh fries yummy .
Hmm sory I don't have anything intresting to say today, just wanted to let you guyz know that I'm still alive:P