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lördag 20 februari 2010

The Snow Is Taking Over

Gosh I really hate snow , and the last coupe of days has been awful, just when u thought the worst was over a new snowstorm takes over yuuukh . I was supposed to go to Gothenburg to meet and old friend today but thx to this weather I had to cancel well I'm too depressed to write more soo here u go a few pictures of how it looks outside of my parents house behold the beast:P ( but ofcourse one should always say alhamdullih for everything )


lördag 13 februari 2010

Bad blogger??? Get over it ...

Long time no see guyz  yea I know I'm a bad blogger,
Anyway have had a hectic day , a test, shopping and a visting my dad :) I really need to pass this test to finish my course , so inshalla I will :).Yesterday there were a majlis at the mosque but I couldnt go :S I really miss listening to majelis LIVE , Thank God for all websites with majelis, A few of my favorite speakers are : Shekh Abdel Hamid al Muhajiri, Sayed Nsarat Kashakes and Sayed Al Fali , if u wanna listen to them you can go to youtube : )Moving on, my sister came too which was fun so I could have my baydose:P
Now I'm soo bored it feels like there's nothing to do ,so I'm gonna go up to my sister again heheh
Ok havea nice weekend !

This is an old picture of my baby dose :P

måndag 8 februari 2010

When do you know it's gone too far?!!!!

This is a conversation between Hala and I about going swimming at the bathhouse with a group of other "Hijabi" women, well not only Hihabi but women in general . Anyways, I was a bit unsure whether to go or not so this is Hala"encouraging me", keep in mind that my sister is studing to become a pharmacist  .....

Sara says- I don't know I don't feel so good about going there, it's to far away and I don't know the area :S
Hala says- yea besides its very dangerous to go swimming during the fall, because they heat up the water and there's a lot of bacetria crawling around in the pools.
Sara says-hahahha
Hala says-and this reslut in meningities, ya3ne sa7aya , walla walla, its inflamation of the megninges in the brain
Sara says- that's so you talking about this :P
Hala says- In the US a lot of people die every year from this disease
Sara says- hahahhahah (laughing nervously:P).....


lördag 6 februari 2010

Awaken the Memories

Yesterday was the day marking the end of 40 days of mourning that follow the anniversary of the death of Imam Hussein.  Imam Muhamed al-Baqir (as) states that the heavens wept over Imam Hussain (as) for forty mornings, rising red and setting red. But for most Muslims this is not the end of the mourning it continues throughout the year , for this sad occasion my sister Hala has written a poem which I promised to publish so here it comes:

Awaken the memories 
On a day like this skies wept rivers of blood
and everything pure was slaughtered
On a day like this the holy Quran was heaved upon a spear.
and Fatimah was brought back to this lugubrious world

Oh Fatimah revive your sorrow and pain for Muharam is here
Oh Fatima ignite our hearts with fire and light
that cast us with grief and tears of anger;
let us awaken memories engraved in our hearts

Memories that we may only feel,
Memories that bear our minds to the land of agony and ordeals
to Karbala to Zeinab and Rabab, to the frightened orphans, to the broken hearts.
So lonely underneath the shelter of the darkest night
covering their divine faces and their silent cries
Crying for Abbas crying for Ali al Akbar
crying for the master of martyrs and the third Imam,

Yet no one hears, no one is there and nothing is left,            
but their holy bodies laying still on the warm sand,
as if it is not enough for them to see the headless body of their master and lord
battered by the horses hooves, and his holy head on the top of the javelin  
calling the eternal spectrum, calling the eternal observer
This was the harshest victory of all the day blood triumphed the swards …..

tisdag 2 februari 2010

I want summer !

I really miss summer! The more I think I about it the more obsessed I get :S . I just want these 4month to pass so I can go back to Lebanon and meet my family and friends. I really look forward to hanging out with hala, umzahra and teta there. Dont get me wrong its not like I don't like it here but in Lebanon I got more options when it comes to having fun like going to the beach, eating Halal food everywhere and other stuff  :) Today I  had lectures it was quite intresting for a change. Went windowshopping with Bojo too which is always a good thing :P Came home and killed the rest of the day by watching meaningless tv-shows :)