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tisdag 2 februari 2010

I want summer !

I really miss summer! The more I think I about it the more obsessed I get :S . I just want these 4month to pass so I can go back to Lebanon and meet my family and friends. I really look forward to hanging out with hala, umzahra and teta there. Dont get me wrong its not like I don't like it here but in Lebanon I got more options when it comes to having fun like going to the beach, eating Halal food everywhere and other stuff  :) Today I  had lectures it was quite intresting for a change. Went windowshopping with Bojo too which is always a good thing :P Came home and killed the rest of the day by watching meaningless tv-shows :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hang in there! We'll have a greatttt time there were going to rock it!!!!!!!

  2. There is a very good explanation to what u are feeling............u bought too many summer dresses ...........hahahah
    Lila Lila Lila Lila Lila for ever
    u know what I mean :P

  3. Sara I know you so well you don't want to "have fun" you just want to eat halal food, and by that I mean chicken and "meat" u non-veggi person , I hope there is no war so you get ur wish ( not just bec of that):p

  4. I want sunshine!!