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lördag 13 februari 2010

Bad blogger??? Get over it ...

Long time no see guyz  yea I know I'm a bad blogger,
Anyway have had a hectic day , a test, shopping and a visting my dad :) I really need to pass this test to finish my course , so inshalla I will :).Yesterday there were a majlis at the mosque but I couldnt go :S I really miss listening to majelis LIVE , Thank God for all websites with majelis, A few of my favorite speakers are : Shekh Abdel Hamid al Muhajiri, Sayed Nsarat Kashakes and Sayed Al Fali , if u wanna listen to them you can go to youtube : )Moving on, my sister came too which was fun so I could have my baydose:P
Now I'm soo bored it feels like there's nothing to do ,so I'm gonna go up to my sister again heheh
Ok havea nice weekend !

This is an old picture of my baby dose :P

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice yeah lhamdella that internet and tv exist!

  2. Such a cutieeee!!

  3. ta2bline patitiyet ma agmalik sho hablaaaaaa

  4. hahaha vilket stort huvud