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måndag 23 augusti 2010

I'm back kinda...

First I want to start by saying Ramadan Karim to everyone!
I came back a couple of days ago and honestly I didn't have time to write while in lebanon, I'll tell you all about it later if I can  sorry ( don't even think there are still readers out there :)
Anyways the month of ramadan is lovely,  you would think it's hard to fast but alhmadullliah its not . I'm too tired  to write a longer post now so byee

fredag 23 april 2010


Salams readers ( anyone left out there :P) Sitting in school with Bo and Em. Bo is accusing me of being weird I'm so totally NOT. And I'm not gonna say that she is stupid cause I'm better than that. There you go BO!
Obviously you see that I am bored and see ya laterz...

onsdag 7 april 2010

Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else

Went to the market today with Amole and Sahla , we had nice discussions about school, life , ( with other words gossip hahha but you know Islamic gossip :P No gossip about other people :D Came home and found out that my brother got his drivers license CONGRATS ALI !!!Other than that this has been a boring week, we were suppose to visit new places and tarvel around in Sweden but my sister is sick so yea change of plans. Now its 1.22 am and I should be sleeping cause I have lectures tomorrow but I don't know it's more fun being awake and doing nothing, you'd think I'd do something productive like cleaning but no:P

fredag 26 mars 2010

Nice moments

Sitting right now at my dad's,  its quite nice :) Teta left for Lebanon 2 days ago I wanna go toooooooooo! No but inshala she will have an awsome time. I have two month left inshalla and I will see my mum :) I've just started my last course for this term which feel ok, I just want to get it over with cause I really need a break .
Latley I've become a real clean freak I don't know why but like everything else it will pass hahah., Yea that's my news for now , gotta go back and try to be social ;)

tisdag 16 mars 2010

I'm still alive!

Good evening  my lovley readers , I'm not sure I have any left since I have'nt been blogging for quite a while now. Well I've been taking a course called Growing Up and Living Conditions in a Sustainable Society, it's intresting but hard at the same time well it's over now I turned in my report a couple of days ago. Besides that I've been working every Monday and Tuseday so that's why I've been away:) I also went to Gothenburg to meet some friends from upper secondary school, can't wait to meet them again :D Today was a good day , went to work then I visited my dad and brothers which was fun, we made chicken with frensh fries yummy .
Hmm sory I don't have anything intresting to say today, just wanted to let you guyz know that I'm still alive:P

lördag 20 februari 2010

The Snow Is Taking Over

Gosh I really hate snow , and the last coupe of days has been awful, just when u thought the worst was over a new snowstorm takes over yuuukh . I was supposed to go to Gothenburg to meet and old friend today but thx to this weather I had to cancel well I'm too depressed to write more soo here u go a few pictures of how it looks outside of my parents house behold the beast:P ( but ofcourse one should always say alhamdullih for everything )


lördag 13 februari 2010

Bad blogger??? Get over it ...

Long time no see guyz  yea I know I'm a bad blogger,
Anyway have had a hectic day , a test, shopping and a visting my dad :) I really need to pass this test to finish my course , so inshalla I will :).Yesterday there were a majlis at the mosque but I couldnt go :S I really miss listening to majelis LIVE , Thank God for all websites with majelis, A few of my favorite speakers are : Shekh Abdel Hamid al Muhajiri, Sayed Nsarat Kashakes and Sayed Al Fali , if u wanna listen to them you can go to youtube : )Moving on, my sister came too which was fun so I could have my baydose:P
Now I'm soo bored it feels like there's nothing to do ,so I'm gonna go up to my sister again heheh
Ok havea nice weekend !

This is an old picture of my baby dose :P