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tisdag 24 november 2009

Confused :S :S

Today was a tough day. Well not so much but still. First I had Didactics ( usggghh) and then Translation. Translation is kind of ok I think , we laugh a lot during that session that's probably why:P
Then I went to my Daddy, he was not at home :S. But my lovley brothers were , we made food, chicken and rice yummyyyyyyyyyyyy:P . Then I watched Tv which was kind of boring. I actually had  a lot to do but now that I think about it , my day was boring:P hahah no but the highlight of my day was probably when my hubby took me to get ICE Cream. ( that's just sad hahah) And seeing teta ofcourse :*
One thing that's annoying me is my next subject. I'm going to become an English teacher ( it might not show on my writing here but still:P) and I have to choose a second subject, I'm thinking about taking Swedish as a Second Language but today I found out that it takes almost 2 years to complete that course:S So now I'm stuck with psychology. I hope I get a job when I finish my education:S
well enough about my problems I have to "study now"

3 kommentarer:

  1. Haha yeaah I know what you mean about the highlight thing... my highlight of the day was driking hot coco.. and that's sad, really sad.. but it's ME haha...

  2. Nooo...Two freaking years? Yukh... well psychology is kind of fun and interesting and you most defenetely ill become a great english teacher!

  3. Twilighter how was the coco at coffehouse did u like it??
    Teta yea I will:P haha thx ur so nice