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söndag 29 november 2009

Stuffed Zucchini lovely!!!

I woke up like a crazy peson today, my hubby told me that the clock was 2 when it was only 10. When I asked him why he did that he just laughed and said : I told you it was 14.00 minus 4 hours . Not so fun for me though. The rest of the day consised of cleaning the house and washing the dishes. The house looked like a mess I'm glad none saw that:P:P But now it looks excellent so ur welcome to check:P
I aslo made food , I did "Kousa ", its a Lebanese dish, its zucchini stuffed with meat and rice . I forgot how to do it soI called my mother in law to ask her how. Oh boy she had a good laugh but then she told me . It turned out excellent hihih. Teta came by but she was not so happy to hear that I was doing this dish. Well teta its lovely u should taste! If you wanna know how to prepare this dish you can go http://homemade-recipes.blogspot.com/2007_06_01_archive.html  I was stupid enough to forget that u can get recipes online duuuuuh. Tomorrow my VFU begins and I'm not that thrilled , I hate thinking about the fact that I have to get up early EVERY day now, when I have univeristy I get 3 days off which I love. Well I should not complain I'm very lucky since my VFU place is very close to my house.
Now I'm just sitting alone watching Alexander the great on tv. My hubby is not here so I have the whole house to my self hihihi.
Anyways I'm gonna grab an ice-cream and continue watching the film . Have a great evening

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  1. salamm, gjorde du KOUSA utan att få smaka ,nä hur kunde du :P nä sa7ten heheh i allafall tack för sidan.

    /your sis

  2. Hassan yeah well I never said my life was fun:P
    batta well u had guest sorry :S