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måndag 23 november 2009

Amazing Coco!!!!!!!!!

Today I had a really good day . I woke up at 11 and had breakfast alone. My hubby was off to Stockholm to do some buisiness :S I miss him. Anyways . Next, I went to my univeristy to return a bok to Örsi. I was glad to find both Em and Örsi "studying". It was great meeting them ;) . And to make my day even better, teta showed up and we all decided to head for CoffeHouse There,. I had a great coco , usually I don't like the coco they have but this time  it was amazing, maybe due to the go company  I'm very blessed to have good friends in my life , they make the hard days seem lighter;). Later teta and I went windowshopping :S which is very sad for a shopohlic like myself. I love to shop not to WATCH amazing valuables:P!!
Anhooo:P ( this one is for u em:P), now im siting at my sisters while her son haidar seems to have a sugar rush:P Masha2alla he has loads of enegry , running around like crazy:P
Well this was my day, now Im hugry and tired and I want to spend some quality time with my lovley family and sister TETA


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  1. this word will definetly go into the "quote book! ;)

  2. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  3. Had a great time, we should do this more often... Don't worry princess we'll be back shopping in notime ;)

  4. Hmm I think friends make bad days seem even worse.. naah just kidding haha.. friends are really valuable and it's important to always make time for them !!