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fredag 27 november 2009


The day consisted of a number great stuff. I had two lessons ( not so great) but I was glad that our teacher could sort some stuff out for the upcoming test tomorrow. After school me and my friends went to Coffehouse for a swedish ""fika". For those of u who dont know what fika means here is the proper explanation: "Coffe break" ( according to Nordsteds Dictionary.) Sweds are just crazy about their fika and if I must admit I'm crossing over to that side hhihihiih. Well, that might be due to the fact that we seem to be having a lot of fikas these days, but that's just great:D We did not stay for long because as u know I have a freaking test tomorrow which by the way I have to study for:Paaaaaaaaaaaah
When I came home I went up to my sister to get my baby dose ( my baby dose has grown big and he is not a a baby anymore, still cute though :**)Then I ate and slept I was to tired to study and then teta came and woke me up arggg (kidding). We had a great time I love when teta's here she an awsome friend. She even helped me study:P Well we mostly laughed but anyways. Today or tomorrow is Eid I'm not sure actually, but for u who celebrated eid today EID MUBARAK, I hope u had a great day.Now the clock is about 23.15 and I have to  to study some more on Language History. Hopfully I will  be able to squeeze in the information:p if not well bad things happen
Now I'm Out gotta read and read :p

3 kommentarer:

  1. Det blev ännu mer fika idag ;)

  2. Mmm... fika :P I can't believe I'm saying this but studying was actually fun... I even learned a thing or two... And you rocked dat test!

  3. haha Emma fika rocksss
    Teta I loved the cupcakes you made mmmmm cupcakes:P