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tisdag 19 januari 2010

How To Make A Semla

Have had an eventul day. This morning Nana and I went to our old school to talk about being a muslim woman in Sweden. I was not so nervous but it felt weird at first. After a while it was actually fun and the students engaged in the conversation, they were really open minded which is always a plus if your going to talk about religion :)
Anyways, the school brough back old memories: I remebred sitting there drinking tea when I was supposed to study math.  Ahh those were the days :)
After the presentation, Nana and I went for a mini shopping tour, we ended up at Maxi having a "semla" and a Pepsi, then the weirdest thing happend . An elderly Swedish man next to us started to giving me advice on how to make a "semla"  Our conversation with him looked something like this ( In swedish though):
-You know you could do these at home, that way you can make them less messy
( Him explaing how to make them, me and nana trying not to laugh)
-Thx for the advice I might try
Nana and I return to our fika and keep babbling in arabic and Swedish, when we are about to leave the man says: I was eavesdropping the whole time (gives out a giggle). So we say aa you understand arabic?                     He's like Nop. Weird haaa? But still, those moments can make your day
So to sum up my day: It was AWSOME:P

4 kommentarer:

  1. din quote of the day är rolig hahahah :)

  2. hahaha... LoL I love that old man already!

  3. Good, now u know how to make a semla...coming to u tomorrow :) ty u semla guy