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lördag 9 januari 2010

Living my Fanatsy

a few days ago Em and Irsi was here , we watched The Hangover it was great besides from a couple of scenes which I did not like. But I liked the company:)
After the hard work on the VFu-report yesterday I deiced to reward my self with a shopping tour at TORP. After praying and eating I went to my sisters .We all (My sister her kids and husband) left for TORP, Like real shopoholics we strolled through the shops. I was so happy to see the sales yaay, I bough loads of stuff several dresses and a pyjamas which is sooo comfortable. We had a great time until i came hime and realized that I should have been studing instead for my grammar test on monday, well to tell ya the truth I dont get it and 2 days of studing wont help me :S. Wútever, I gave up on that a long time ago.Right now I am babysitting my newphews by sitting by my laptop hahah . Haydar is trying to eat playdough and Ali rida is watcing a show called Ed, Ed and Eddy :P. No really I should go and try to make them sleep ( if not for thier sake for mine:P) See ya laterzzz

2 kommentarer:

  1. LOvig da PJ! haha so cute love those kids!

  2. ya next time ur the babysitter muhahah