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måndag 11 januari 2010

Wing IT till YOu Bring it

Does not feel so motivated about having an opposition tomorrow, especially after this failure today. I wasn't even going to attend the test today, when I came home yesterday( from Emma's) I read through my notes and decides to "wing it" today. Yea for ur information grammar CAN NOT be winged :S Well well there is a retake I geuss. When I came home I wanted to get my mind off things so I went to my dad's for breakfast, after that I met up wth Sah in town to do some shopping, Nana came a bit later. It was aswome being with them again they are hilarious and get my stupid jokes which is almost impossible :P When I finally got home I was so tired I just ate, prayed and went to sleep a couple of hours later ( more specific 5 h:P) I woke up and VOILA here I am:P

3 kommentarer:

  1. Omg what???!! well lhamdellah that u canretake the piece of ***

  2. go and sleep omg