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fredag 15 januari 2010

Fail who me?? Naaah

Michel Jordan once said : There was never any fear for me, no fear of failure. If I miss a shot, so what?
If you havent figured it out yet : I did not do so well on my test , but I'm not disappointed, I saw it coming . Well I'll do better next time. Right now I'm watching CSI kind of boring when u've seen almost every episode, but still. Today I was at my VfU-placment, I taught Frensh , I hardly even remember any Frensh but I manged anyways :)On Tuesday I'm supposed to visit my old School to talk about how it is to be a Muslim Woman in Sweden , right now I don't feel like doing it, I was to shy to say no to my old teacher, I curse my politness... A positive thing is that Nana might come too :) 

So a couple of days ago Teta and I went shopping, we were at Överby for almost 5 hours, I think my hubby forgot to get us :P My daddy had to get us instead , I got presents for myt family in Leba non , I love to give away presents it's almost more fun than getting a present ( guyz I said almost OKAY;)
Now I'm gonna go see if my baby dose( pistik:P) is still awake
Ba bye for now

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  1. Micheal Jorday knows what he's saying ;) Don't worry you'll rock this retest especially after almost passing a grammar test you hardly studied for.

    I thik it's a great thing having you lecturing about Islam! I missed da almost at first and thought you went crazy, getting gifts are soo much more fun the giving depending on who ur giving da present too of course!

  2. hahah I like ur way of writing it hihihi

  3. hello sis, hoppas du gör bättre nästa gång,jag tycker det e jätte bra att du ska prata om islam för att det behös särkild då det finns många fördomar kring muslimer och islam so keep up the good job(inwiha qurbatan ila Allah (swt))

  4. Hello,

    did u watch the film avatar??