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onsdag 6 januari 2010

Shopping All Day Long!!!!!

Yesterday was awsome, Teta, Mirjo, Mon and I went shopping. Oh I had almost forgotten how much I love shopping:P:P No but it was nice to laugh and run after the sales hehe I love sales! Like seriously why get a thing for 500 kr when one month later you can get it for 100 ?????
And its not just about the money its that it feels good like u have acomplished something hahha . After 6 hours of shopping we went home , it was dark by then. So I was too tired to work on my report instead I watched Tv and went to sleep at 03.00 am great day huh
Now I'm sitting here and waiting for Maya, its gonna be nice to meet her again.  I really need to clean the house, but as usual Im  too lazy :PLater Örsi and Em are coming over for a movienight yaay. Tell you about the movie later.
See ya !

4 kommentarer:

  1. Varför stannade inte Maya för filmkvällen?

  2. we were supposed to study grammar, but then she had her own movienight at home :D

  3. as usual movies instead of study,,,,shopping ...hmm thats why u werent home

  4. haha it was indeed a great day...