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torsdag 28 januari 2010

Seize The Moment

I know I'm not the best blogger and to tell u the truth I never will be ;) But after a request on my blog I decided to get back in the game. The main reason for not writing is because I've felt so bad for the people who died in the plane crash in Lebanon , may they rest in peace. It struck me that this kind of accident could happen anytinme anywhere. You never know if your next to leave this planet, its important so seize the moment and always try to be positive.
Moving on to a next tpoic Teta was just here , Omg she's the best ever she just stopped by to bring me chocolate and "päronsoda" yaay. I love this girl she is not just a friend she's family :) Im really gonna miss her when she leaves for Lebanon, but they say if you Love someone u want to see them happy ....
Besides that my day was quite good, tv wating, praying ordinary day except for cleaning in the middle of the night Now I wanna eat and go see my sister actually i wanna see pistik and his new haircut love my babydosee mwaaa

5 kommentarer:

  1. om du inte är den bästa bloggaren då borde du bara se mig uppdaterar varje 2 veckor :P,jag va också deprimerad när jag såg på deras familjer som sörjde må Gud vara barmhärtig med dessa som dog inhsallah!

  2. Haha... Still love to read your blog and it's true we shuld seize every moment with the people we love! Don't worry me moving to Lebanon won't be the end of it ;)!! Love ya princess

  3. Umzahra du har blivit bättre ser jag;)
    teta You will never get rid of me muhah

  4. Carpe diem!! We, or I know I do, take a lot of things for granted.. one of these things is friends and family... we think we have all the time in the world to be with them but the case is not and we have to seize the day, seize the moment and do the best of the time you do have with them.. XoXo

  5. Twilighter u are correct and I think its a shame that we do since those mean the world to us :S