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måndag 28 december 2009

The day Of Sorrow ( I will take a break from FÖRETAG for now)

Yesterday was the 10th of Muharam, that is the day Imam Hussein was killed brutally along with his family.We  woke up eraly to attend the majlis at the Mosque . It was a long and tragic majlis, the Sheikh told the whole story of what happend . How Imam Hussein asked for water but did not get any how Abo fadl al abbas went to get water for the women and children but were killed on the way. These events would make a stoneheart cry. When I got home I still felt as I needed to hear more to feel with mawlati Fatimah al Zahra for her son Imam hussein. So we went to another majlis at a freinds house. If you want to read more about Ahsura and the heroes of Ashura you can go to www.karbala.se orhttp://www.al-islam.org/short/Karbala.htm. Although yesterday was the 10th of muharam, the mourning peroid is not over yet. Beisides who decides when it end. We have Imam Hussein and AhluAlbayt in our hearts wherever and whenever.The love for them is not just to say yea I love them , no its to actually feel the pain in your heart to cry as you cry ifyou would loose someone. So ashura is not over yet . There is still the majalis about what happend to Sayeda Zeinab, how she was taken as a hostage to Yazid along with all the other women and children of bani Hashem. How she stood up for the religion. I will try to post her famous speach...
So for now take care :) 

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  1. salam not only to feel the pain in the heart but to live and act like they did ,i think its more important to act than just to cry with out doing what we was told to do.

  2. hala
    The whole point of Karbala is to revive the real Islamic religion but crying on ahlulbayt is also a very important aspect cause it fills ur heart with love and that love is what is causing the pain and if u love them then without thinking u would wonna act like them
    and don’t forget what ahlulbayt have said about crying for them

    عن الريان بن شبيب رحمه الله ، عن الإمام الرضا عليه


    يا بن شبيب إن كنت بكيت على الحسين عليه السلام

    حتى تصير دموعك على خديك غفر الله لك كل ذنب أذنبته

    صغيراً كان أو كبيراً قليلاً كان أو كثيراً