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fredag 4 december 2009

What happened?

My second lesson was about to begin when suddenly everything turned black, What happend? First I thought that a couple of kids had been playing around with the doors and lights (as they always do) but the I realized that the power was off everywhere. Then came th reaction among both students and teachers, students ran around like savages in the building yelling and laughing,  many of which were my students :s:.s what was I supposed to do, I had to think fast!! I decided to have a lesson in  the dark anyway , that way the chaos would decrease surely! Well beleive me finding students in the the dark is as hard as it sounds, but I did it. As they were working with only light from the outside, I started thinking about how attached we are to modern society. How one hour without power can make our whole world upside down, how attatched we are to our machines. What if all electricity went out for ever would we be able to survive? I heard that once in New York the power was off for about and hour, on this hour people went nuts and robbings, rapes and killing rates went sky high!
I'm glad the power was off for only 15 minutes or so, but we managed to send all the kids home. I however   had to stay at school to correct tests yuuuk. When I got home I was really tired I decided to eat before  I rest, this took me a while . I made swedish meatballs with pommes fries yummy . The funniest thing was that when my hubby got home I asked him how he reacted to the power being off. He had'nt reacted at all : HE WAS STILL SLEEPING hhahaha ( lucky him) Now I'm sitting in my room, feeling very tired from a hectic day so I better leave. Hope ur day was better than mine
Peace be upon you

3 kommentarer:

  1. It was one hell of a moment.. but we all survived :P you still did a great job! good work

  2. salam,alltså jag tänkte som dig subhanallah att allting e beroende av elecricitet,sen påmindes jag tiderna i libanon hehehe :P

  3. Haha irst thing on my mind was lebanon !! yukh how i wish i was there<: