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onsdag 2 december 2009

I miss my life:P

I'm so stupid I thought I had an interview today but obviously its tomorrow, well I'm glad I found out in time it would'nt look so good not to show up:P Well today was a good day it was long but on the other hand I had a long break so I came home just to chill for 2 hours lovley!! The bad thing though was that my friends met up in town because there was a market but I could'nt join them .God I miss shopping, I admit I'm a real shopaholic but I've been doing better, I'm trying to avoid town as much as possible ( we'll see how that goes:P).But I often feel the need to get something, I geuss being away from uni is good for my wallet:P And besides,I did'nt wanna skip lessons since I have the day off tomorrow, I dont wanna re-do my VFU, in a way I just want to get it over with, I like when we're at the university we have a lot of fika :P :P. When I came home I watched tv and rested. Then I watched Grey's anatomy it was great!!! But the last episode for this year well next year is close so don't be sad!!!
Well now I  need to prepare my stuff for tomorrow cause i wake up at 7.45 and I start at 8.20 amazing huuh

3 kommentarer:

  1. Well... sounds like a good day exept for missing out o da shopping thing.

  2. Yukh worst thing in life is not being able to sleep in... i feel with ya hun!!

  3. teta-totally!!!
    Twilighter- thx swety I hope none has to feel that