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fredag 25 december 2009

Små och stora Företag e inte över än:P

Latley I've been  busy with attending he ashura ceremonies, it's been quite refreshing and nice to see everyone again. Yesterday was Alkasims day, Imam hassan's son, I think the shekh did a good job in retelling the events cause he made almost everyone cry. Moving on , I've picked up a bad habit :S , I go to sleep at 4am lool yea u heard me,I actully blame me sister umzahra because she calls me like at 12 and says come up lets "fika" and talk . Well it's really fun anyways. I found a poem online:( www.scribd.com/doc/16750014/Imam-Hussain-POEM) about Imam hussein by

A poem for Imam hussein  is what I'm going to read
For I know this is by far the greatest deed
My love for you ya Imam is so true
I will shout Ya Hussein , heartbroken if you only knew
And my tears will drop in vain for you
You are so close to my heart
from it you will never depart
You were born on the 3rd of Shaaban
You were a gift from the rahman
You father was Alhaydar
the man who lifted door of khjbar
He was the first Imam
And the first who embraced Islam


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