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torsdag 3 december 2009

Have u ever cheated??

When I left my VFU today it was dark outside, i left at 16.00 yuukhh. I had been making sure that none of the students cheated on a test. Yea righ,t a lot of them did I can assure you. But what can you do , u try to overlook it once, twice but then it gets to obvious so you have to say something. I did but they were not so happy about that. This made me think about the times I cheated, I must say that they are not many because well I'm great anyways:P:P no but I think the real reason is that I was too scared to cheat. Imagine the humilation .: My mind wandered further and further when I thought about people who cheat on eachother and .I hate when people pretend they are somthing when they are not.  Are we so narrow minded that we think that it will pass. That everything will be ok, there is a saying, that I like: What goes around comes around. Now I'm talking about more serious kind of cheating:PP Well back to my day, VFU is killing me just because its so boring we are not supposed to teach this period just to be there and observe . I think I learn better when I teach because then I'm in control and not like now a fake teacher or in örsis words stupid non-teacher. Anwyays I also went to my interview today, it went Ok I'm not sure if I get it or not but well see. When I got home I prayed and went to sleep. I woke up to see my dad and brothers here. My stomach reminded me that It had only had ice-cream all day and the clock was almost 19.00 so I decided to have pizza yummy. Now I'm sitting alone as usual my hubby went to a buy something I dont know what( I hope its something for me:D) but he'll be back soon. Okay God be with you and remember me in your prayers :)

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  1. Destroy all cheaters... Muahaha in da name of cows :P No but really one should be careful because cheating others are like cheating themselves they live in a lie, thinking that it's for the best. well human minds...Yukh

  2. tack habibte för pizzan den var riktigt go, ska du fortsätta leva så här (svälta)glass på hela dan!

  3. who dont cheat?
    if someone says i have never cheated in my life thats ofcourse a big lie,/hassan

  4. batta I'm glad u enjoyed the pizza and well I'm gonna see if I'm gonna survive:P
    Hassan well yes Im sure many do but as a teacher I should not encourage sucha behaviour don't u think???