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onsdag 7 oktober 2009

A glimt of my day

So here we go! Yesterday was a gr8 day I went shopping with my lovely shopaholic friend teta. She's just awesome when it comes to shopping. Although she's a shopahlic herself she wont let me spend any money!!
Well enough about that I wanna talk about something that really bothers me .This event happend a few days ago when I was walking to work( I work somtimes as a teacher) . Anyways, I'm walking and minding my own business as ususal when an old ignorant man in his car starts yelling and cursing. Luckely I was on the phone so I didnt go balistic on him. BUt really how ignorant can people be? The only reason he did that was bec Im wearing a viel! This kind of behaviour drives me nuts! Why can't people accept me for who I am and look beyond the viel?? I always tend to tell my self that it's bec people don't know about islam and that makes them afraid , just give them some time and they will come around. BUT no that's not It some people are just beyond saving! So to those people I say I'm a proud muslim who beleives in Allah and I'm not changing for nobody!!

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  2. Of course, and someone has to keep you from spending all you're money and you're best the way you always be proud!